Dominate the Game by Practicing With the Pros

To teach young players the game of basketball, health and wellness, athletic development, academic responsibility and social awareness. We teach life and leadership skills that will lead to success in life, on or off the court.   


Professional Athletic Program for ALL! 

MT Bball Skillz Academy is a full-service youth basketball organization based in the College Park area of Atlanta, GA. We offer team and private training, clinics and camps. From ages 3-18, we encourage ALL, even AAU, other league players and teams, to benefit greatly from our individual and team sessions. MT Bball Skillz Academy is a full service 501C3 nonprofit organization.

Former NBA Player Mark Davis along with friends, professional colleagues, the community and a vision of unity founded the organization in 2011. With the recent additions of International players Torraye Braggs and Bryant Conner to our coaching staff, we set out on our mission: to give boys and girls a strong foundation in athletics which will apply to their everyday lives.


Thank you for your generosity! You contributions will allows us to continue our shared mission in helping our children in athletics and academics. Your support is the enabling power that establishes our community to grow positively. The impact of giving can be seen in nearly every respec of MTBSA as it's founder, Mark Davis, aspires to give back to his community.  Each individual gift carries with it the power to set progress in motion. Parents, Relatives, Alumni and friends impact MTBSA with every dollar they choose to give because it is providing funds for students to participate in FUN after school activities, involving basketball. Here at MTBSA we believe, that behind each gift from a donor, is a unique story that reflects the loyalty and persistence to "Do Good" for our community as we all desire within.